Roland Emmerich Pilot /ABC Studios/Mark Gordon

author: Greg Strasz

Armen Kevorkian and Leslie Ekker

Roland offered me to join this projects as production VFX Supervisor and I worked together with two vendors (Pixomondo and Encore Hollywood) on over 80 visual effects shots. I spent 2 weeks in New York supervising on set, bluescreen shooting, painting concepts and doing set photography. Then I went back to Los Angeles where I supervised 4 weeks of post production. I was glad to work with very talented artists both at Encore and at Pixomondo. Special thanks go to Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser, Mark Gordon, Adam Wolfe, Agatha Warren, Tom Kendall, Armen Kevorkian, Sarah McGrail, Mark Miller, Leslie Ekker, Jason Zimmerman, Mara Hamilton and Addie Manis for all the hard work and huge support.

Roland Emmerich will write, direct and executive produce the drama, with Mark Gordon and Nicholas Pepper, with Harold Kloser also attached to write and exec produce the ABC Studios/Mark Gordon Co. project."

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