MTV: He Met Her // "Control" Music Video

Video Premiere: He Met Her, 'Control'

"In the stunning new "Control" video by He Met Her, no surface is safe from the L.A.-based disco-pop duo's super-fierce sexiness. In the first few seconds we see Rocky Chance and Mowgli Moon (both freakishly beautiful, with the sort of flowing locks our wildest hair dreams are made of) pull up to a pink motel in a matching pink vintage car. Shortly thereafter, the two get real affectionate -- on the motel bed (with palm trees projected onto the wall behind the headboard), in the empty diner next door, and outside in a magical desert rainstorm that just makes their hair look all the more gorgeous."

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I was in charge (post production supervisor) of the look development/ re lighting/ effects/ color grading/ composting/ motion graphics.

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