FT-ONE 4k 1000fps Camera Test

Just few people in Los Angeles got the chance to test the FT-One 4k 1000fps camera prototype. I been directing at New Deal Studios a whole day of shooting at 240/480/860 frames per second at 4K resolution shooting flying milk, acrobats and a gymnast throwing mutilcolored powders, exploding ice blocks n' melons, projectile colored water, and other fascinating acts. Thank you to everybody for all the hard work!

FOR-A Corporation of America plans to showcase its FT-ONE full 4K super slow motion camera with our footage at the upcoming Cine Gear Expo, taking place May 31-June 1 at The Studios at Paramount in Hollywood. FOR-A will be in Booth #S323, where they will also display the FT-1READ - a RAW data to DPX converter available with the FT-ONE camera. First introduced at last year’s Cine Gear Expo, the award-winning FT-ONE is ideal for digital cinematography applications. The camera is the first of its kind to complete the 4K workflow by introducing the ability to simultaneously record and play back super slow motion images at full 4K resolution. The FT-ONE’s high-sensitivity CMOS color sensor, FT1-CMOS, enables high-speed recording at up to 900 frames per second (fps). The camera captures images as uncompressed raw data on the system’s internal memory, which has a recording capacity of 9.4 seconds. This data is then stored on one of two hot-swappable SSD cartridges, each of which is capable of storing 84 seconds of full 4K resolution images. Introduced at last year’s Cine Gear, the camera is designed to record at up to 900 frames per second (fps).

The FT-One is scheduled to ship at the end of the month for $135,000.

With Courtney Turk, Lorry Plasterer, Gregory Michael, Edwin Modlin II, Marco Shepherd, Francis L. Camacho, Taryn Spates, Friedemann Goez, Marion Spates, Phil Hartmann, Alessandro Nardini, Jesse Chevy.

Special thanks to: Hiro Tanoue, Chuck Bocan, Gen Narita, Dadrian Flavors, Leah Sheffield and the New Deal Studios team.

Edwin Modlin II (THOR) and the Ice test:

Testing the Red Epic in 5k 120fps vs 4k 860fps:

Painting Courtney Turk with Holly Powder:

Focusing on slow motion fights:

Backstage with Lorry Plasterer:

Backstage with Courtney Turk and Gregory Michael:

Backstage with Courtney Turk:

Lorry Plasterer:

Courtney Turk: