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September 19, 201110 years ago

Moon Cafe music video

A few still frames from Moon Cafe's upcoming music video. These were shot with ARRI Alexa camera in Los Angeles. I worked on the look development and post production. It was a great pleasure to work again with Anna J. Foerster. Special thanks to Rocky and Mowgli. Read more

June 20, 201111 years ago


VFX reference filming for Roland Emmerich's "2012". Read more
April 27, 201111 years ago

New Project

New toys!
February 21, 201111 years ago

Soon - Alien character concept

4 hrs after posting the alien, it got plugged on cgfeedback. I worked in collaboration with Brett Sinclair. I came up with the idea of making a grey alien but with a new twist.  We discussed all sorts of things such as how his head would expand when he uses his brain for telekinetic synopsis. He has a nose that breathes in a sort of fish gill type of rhythm.  Brett was responsible for the modeling and sculpting of the details. I was responsible for the texturing, shading, lighting and rendering.
December 22, 201011 years ago

Red Sea Concept

Quick concept for Red Sea. Look development, texturing, lighting and rendering.